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KZW invests in people and organizations who invest in themselves and their people to make things happen.

Any client who works with us is on a mission - to choose what they want and achieve it.

This takes courage. It can be uncomfortable. You'll step outside your comfort zone.

You'll choose to shed what's not working,  do what will to create something new.

We'll travel shoulder to shoulder and you'll have all you need to succeed.


Our individual support includes

  • 14+ bespoke, evidence-based tools.

  • Optional 360 individual assessment.

  • Optional biometric stress analysis.

  • Individual leadership report.

  • Five-dimensional leadership skill-strengthening.
  • Impact coaching (individual, peer, team).

  • Communication & relationship coaching.

  • Individual leader selection & preparation.

  • Individual preparation for transitions up &  elsewhere.


Typical  engagements include

  • 24+ bespoke tools.

  • Optional 360 individual and team assessment.

  • Optional biometric stress analysis.

  • Individual & team leadership report.

  • Transitions up &  elsewhere across organizations.

  • Team & organizational redesign.

  • Empowering all to lead and contribute.

  • Corporate parents through family transitions.

  • 360-degree assessments may be used.

In 6 Sessions

Guantanteed clarity on...

  • Where you stand now - what's working and not?

  • The direction you intend to take

  • What you need to do to get what you want.

  • Next steps, results &  recovery from setbacks.

It takes one step


Clarity of process & outcomes guaranteed

  • Well-defined transformative, measurable outcome

  • Clear starting point, boundary conditions & needs

  • Co-designed process & support system to get there

  • Actioned timeline, budget, and final outcome

It takes one step

"If you limit your choices to only what seems possible or reasonable,

you disconnect yourself from what you truly want

and all that is left is compromise."

Anais Nin

  • Karen Wilson


What will make you, your life and your organization successful?

the, your choices and the people you choose to spend time with.

We choose to work with people who seek to inspire and be inspired.

They all choose to make things happen and create something new. 

There's more to life than a career AND that's the best reason to

have your career work for you.

Easy words to say. 

I believe you're here for a want better.

Better for yourself, better for your career, better for your organization, a better life.

'Something better' is the reason I left more than a two-decade-long corporate career

to become an investor in people, organizations, and life beyond work.  

I'd done the line roles, strategy roles, international moves (a lot),

started businesses and collected credentials (a lot) along the way. 

A life well-lived? Perhaps.

And where has it led?

To here. And to now. 

You can check out my credentials (in detail) or on LinkedIn or

just book a free session and let's talk!
And you can meet the rest of our international team here

If you want something new, a life well-lived, we can find that.


"What makes a successful life or business?

The people in it and that's about it."

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