Why KZW?

Been there. Done that.

We've all worked in line roles and senior positions. We know what stress is. We know what it's like to get caught out by the Impostor Phenomenon from time to time. Some of us are recovering  Insecure Overachievers.

Above all, we're infinitely human and utterly committed to supporting others to succeed in their own terms.

We invest in anyone and any organization that invests in themselves inclusively to create better outcomes. 
Any client who works with us is on a mission - to choose what they want and achieve all they can. 
This takes courage, is challenging, and will take you outside your immediate comfort zone. That's growth!


You'll choose to shed what's not working and do what it takes to create something new. 
We travel shoulder-to-shoulder with you with the support and tools you need to succeed. 
All our teams and programs are bespoke and tailored to you.

Karen is a credentialed International Business Coach & Consultant with over 25 years' professional experience in the UK, US & Australian markets.

  • Specialzes in coaching Impostor Syndrome (and Insecure Overachievers), secure-based leadership development, habit change & clinical stress, and organizational restructuring. 

  • >25 years in International roles. Consulting (McKinsey, Accenture), global recruitment, corporate healthcare (Baxter, Celltech), and as a start-up CEO & Private Investor.

  • Professional Coaching Credential (PCC), International Coach Federation.

  • Advanced Coaching Credential (ACC), Columbia University.

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) & CTI Leadership Accreditation. 

  • Accredited in multiple assessment instruments. Evidence and results-led coaching.

Liane is a credentialed International Coach with 30+ years' professional experience in the Asia-Pacific market.

  • Specializes in leadership development, executive assessment, transition support, behavioral change, appreciative inquiry, and design thinking.

  • >30 years of Corporate experience in industry roles and Executive Search.

  • Experienced instructional designer. Built and led global professional development at Spencer Stuart.

  • Advanced Coaching Credential (ACC)  from Columbia University.

  • Conference Chair for the International Columbia Coaching Conference.

  • Professional Member of the International Coach Federation.

  • Founder of Kemp Street Partners (Australia).

Kashmir Birk

Managing Partner, 

Canada & North America

Kashmir is credentialed, professional International Business Coach & Consultant with  more than
22 years' 
experience in the UK, Canadian & North American markets.

  • Specializes in Systems and Deisgn Thinking, TPS, The Way, Agile, Requisite, Lean, Socio-Technical Systems, NLP, Appreciative Inquiry, Open Space, Conferencing, Co-Active Coaching.

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) 

  • Scrum Master & Seasoned Organisational Development Consultant

  • Founder of The True North Alliance (Canada).

Jacqueline has over 20 years' International Leadership and business experience in the UK and US

  • She has >10 years' International experience developing graduate leaders in the US and UK.

  • Specialisms in sports & performance psychology, organizational design & redesign, and positive psychology.

  • Masters in Occupational Psychology completing.

  • Based in the UK, Jaqueline is responsible for project & product design & co-implementation.

  • Jacqueline is currently completing her final accreditation in Occupational Psychology.

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