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If you want to work with KZW...

...the best place to start is with a free exploratory call so that we can meet, to discuss what's needed. 
From there you can move forwards with confidence, as we design the next step together.

I'd already had lots of 'leadership' training, support and mentoring - I thought I knew it all.
Others clearly felt differently! And if I'm honest I didn't really 'feel it'. Karen's approach was different.
She challenged me to look at myself as a 'whole person', not a 'leader', 'rainmaker', partner, role or title. 
In short, my journey with Karen covered new terrain from different perspectives, revealing some significant blindspots. I now have a fundamentally different appreciation of leadership (and relationships). Karen exceeded all expectations.  I now have the resources and resilience to truly inspire and guide, which is what Karen models. This is REAL IMPACT writ large.

New Partner, Strategy Consultancy  - UK

Karen has been instrumental in transforming my personal and professional development over the past
12 months. She is highly qualified, resolute, adaptive, professional, and fully dedicated to her clients’ success. She offers personalised challenge and support to the highest standards. I
 wholeheartedly recommend Karen to anyone wanting to move forwards and upwards in life and  career.

Private Equity Associate, UK

Karen has really helped build up my confidence in my professional abilities and the regular cadence of our meetings means the small and manageable steps are adding up to big changes.

New Ventures Director - London Markets

Working with Karen was life-changing. She helped me identify what I really needed to focus on and I feel like I have gone to a new level on my personal development journey and my connection to self. I feel more confident and have more clarity around what I need to do.
I would highly recommend Karen as a coach. 

Private Business Owner - Australia

Being in charge made me feel I 'should' know all the answers; worse, it made me think I did. 
When I was knocked sideways by something totally unexpected, the shock was debilitating. 
I doubted my decision-making, second-guessed myself, and even doubted my life-long supporters.
Karen helped me get back on track. Objective, calm, challenging; she helped me regain perspective.

I couldn’t have done this alone. As a leader, it can feel like there's nowhere to turn and you have to have 'the answer'.  In the past, I wouldn't have sought help. Now I can’t help wondering what might've been possible if I’d sought Karen’s support before I needed it.

CEO, Private-Public Partnership Agency - Australia


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